3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower

If you’re looking to reward a person or team for their achievements, this 3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower is the perfect solution. Featuring room for a 3D engraved picture and inspiring quote, this crystal award will last a lifetime!

Unlike other tower display cases on the market, this one comes complete with an LED light base that will accentuate your personalized 3D photo design. It can be displayed on a desk, shelf or mantel.

Rectangle Tower Shape

The 3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower is a great choice for tall vertical 3D layouts of 3D portraits, products or even your company logo and text. You can choose to add a custom LED light base to really shine your 3D artwork on this magnificent piece of glassware!

This faceted tapered tower also comes in a smaller version for those who have limited space on their desk, mantle or book shelf. This tower is a great 3D memento that will be admired long after it is gone. It is also a good choice for those who want to commemorate a special moment with their loved ones by adding a small picture or design. The angled surfaces of the faceted tower make it look elegant in all its glory and can be 3D laser engraved with your favorite photo or design! The best part is, these crystals can be made in any quantity or size to meet your budget.

Prestige Shape

The Prestige Shape is our best selling crystal shape and it is a great choice for those looking to personalize their photo. It is an elegant raw crystal and looks great in any setting. It is also available in three different sizes to fit your budget!

Our Prestige style 3D Photo Crystal is a great gift for everyone. It is the perfect way to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you! This rectangular crystal magically holds a picture of your loved one in life like quality and in 3D.

Add a little bling to your crystal with our multi-color premium LED light base that will highlight the details of your engraved picture and any text you choose to have etched into the crystal! This base is powered by an AC/DC adapter that will plug into power sockets. It is available in three colors and will work well on any shelf, desk or mantle!

X-Large Led Base

An X-Large LED base will put your prized possession at the center of attention and give it a leg up in the competition. Powered by a 4.5 volt AC adapter or 3 AAA batteries, this upscale display stand has 4 extra bright coloured LED lights in Red, Blue and Yellow producing a continuous twinkling light show that will dazzle your guests.

This aforementioned X-Large LED base is the best way to showcase your high-end crystal masterpiece. If you haven’t already paired it with your favorite glass art, make sure to get it out of the box and spruce up your home decor today!

Wooden LED Light Base

The Wooden LED Light Base is the perfect accessory to enhance the beauty of your 3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower. It can be used to illuminate decorative figurine, art crystal or glass, and it is available in four different colors to suit your needs.

This is a great gift for any occasion, and it will be sure to be treasured for years to come. It makes a wonderful anniversary or birthday gift, a wedding or bereavement gift or a memorial gift.

This unique gift will make an impact on the recipient, as they can see their accomplishments in real life with this tower styled 3D crystal. They will feel a sense of pride in their achievement, which can encourage them to work even harder to achieve more!

Bryan Green

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