SEWN// Mandy Boat Tee Hack

Hello again! I got all excited the other week when the weather took a cool turn and started sewing up some winter clothes. But then the weather decided to heat up again before I got a chance to snag photos. Thankfully we had a slightly overcast Anzac Day so I was able to squeeze in a few photos.


When I saw this top over at True Bias I knew that I would have to make one. It is the perfect top for me! Basic but with a little something extra. Easy to dress up but comfy enough for running around chasing kids. Everything a mum needs in her everyday wardrobe.


I followed Kelli’s exact instructions for adding length which was to add 4″ to the front and 6″ to the back. The side splits I just eyeballed as I was sewing to get the height I wanted. I think the side splits add something really fun to this top! It takes it from just being a normal top to something with a little more interest.


The pattern is of course the Mandy Boat Tee by Tessuti which I have sewn up once before. Unfortunately it was one of my forays into knit sewing and wasn’t made very well. Although I loved it and wore it a million times it didn’t hold up to the wear. I actually ended up cutting it up to make Vinnie a pair of harem style pants about a month ago.


Mandy is a simple pattern to put together and perfect for anyone wanting to try sewing with knits. Plus there are so many opportunities for changing up the pattern that it is a great basic to have in your collection. I know I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this one. I actually would love to make a couple more!

Now, let’s hope that this cool change is going to stick around because I have so many winter sewing plans and I really would love if I got the chance to actually make and wear them. Fingers crossed!

PARTY// A Baby Fiesta!

This past weekend we celebrated my sister’s first pregnancy with a Mexican themed baby shower. This was nacho average baby shower (hee hee, see what I did there!) I chose a Mexican theme because my sister and her husband spent their first wedding anniversary in Mexico and have decided to use this theme for the babies nursery.


I wanted everything to be bright and colourful! We started with some simple white table cloths and added in some mexican blankets that my sister, mum and I already had. Then it was a simple case of colourful fringe streamers, mexican flag bunting and some faux flowers. We used a combination of old el paso tins and mason jars to create a runner of flowers down the table for a fun colourful centrepiece.


As guests arrived we had some wishes for baby cards for everyone to fill out which I bought from Sunshine Parties. I then used the imagery from that card to create a simple card for people to guess how many tube lollies were in a jar.


For lunch we had a taco bar which we followed up with various desserts. Mum made some delicious baked churros using this recipe and her homemade caramel sauce. We also had teacake cupcakes with cactus toppers and harley’s favourite chocolate brownies.


For beverages we served some fruit punch and virgin mojitos. The mojitos were delicious and super simple to make as well. Just soda water, mint and sugar syrup. It would be a great option for any summer party as it is super refreshing.



One clever part of this party is that the faux flower decorations doubled up as a fun activity in the afternoon. We used the flowers to create some Frida Kahlo inspired flower crowns for everyone to take home with them. I found the idea on pinterest of course which lead me to a tutorial by My Poppet. I created one prior to the day so people could see an example and that allowed me to help everyone else on the day. It was such a fun colourful touch to add to photos and gave everyone a nice momento to take home with them. I would definitely recommend this activity for anyone planning a baby shower or bridal shower because everyone loved it.

And that wraps up what was a really fun day! Now the countdown is on until this snuggly little munchkin arrives and I must say I can’t wait.

SEWN// True Bias Colfax Dress

Last month I was lucky enough to help Kelli over at True Bias with the testing of her new pattern the Colfax Dress. “The Colfax is an easy to wear A-line dress with a front yoke and visible binding around the neck and armholes. It has a wide faced hem that hits a few inches above the knee. The Colfax dress is a very versatile pattern that can be sewn up as a coverup for the pool or a comfortable shift for spring and summer events, depending on the fabric you choose.”


Kelli really has hit the mark with creating an easy to wear dress! It is perfect for throwing on in this warm weather we are having at the moment. FYI Gold Coast it is meant to be Autumn, not Summer! How about getting some cooler days happening please.


Since my version was sewn with the tester pattern there have been a couple of small changes, however, my dress still gives a good idea of what your finished garment will look like. Kelli has advised me that she added a little extra ease into the bust/underarm area since the pattern was tested so the fit is slightly different on top to how mine looks.


The fabric I used is a cotton poplin that I picked up from Spotlight just after Christmas. It has origami birds printed on it and I just couldn’t walk past without snagging myself some. It was a breeze to sew up and it is so comfortable to wear.


I am really happy with how this dress turned out! Each time I wear it I have received loads of compliments. I would love to make another in a white brroiderie anglaise. I think it would be perfect for summer! If you would like to make yourself a Colfax dress there is a sewalong competition happening over on True Bias. Make sure you check it out!

SEWN// Tessuti Ruby Dress Hack #2

You know that moment when you think to yourself “I know exactly what I want to wear today” but when you go to get dressed you realise the outfit only exists in your pinterest wardrobe. Anybody??? Or is that just me? My pinterest wardrobe is like my dream clothes but my reality clothes don’t always match up. Well I have decided to fix that by sewing up some of the outfits I have saved that I really want to wear.


First up we have this quick and easy dress that I saved a little while ago from here. How do you think I did? Honestly I am in love with this dress. If you follow me on snapchat (houseoflane_kat) you would know that while I love it Corey isn’t a big fan. But really what do men know about fashion!


The only thing I would change if I could would be to find a larger gingham. Unfortunately, I had to work with what I could get but I still love it. I actually spotted a giant red gingham the other day which I might go back and get for a second version. Because when you find a dress you like you may as well own two right?!


This dress is, as my title suggests, another ruby pattern hack. I used the exact same principles as my last dress except I shortened the bodice and added a longer skirt. Pretty simple really!


The material is a cheap cotton gingham that I picked up from Spotlight. I used about 1.5m and have a little bit leftover which will become some shorts for Vinnie. I am trying to sew a little bit more for him because I feel like Imogen always gets my leftover fabric. Finally I have some boyish fabric scraps that I can use for him!

How did you Easter long weekend go? Did you get much sewing done?

SEWN// Tessuti Suzy Pants

Do you know what is awesome? When you fall in love with a fabric and you manage to get to projects out of your meterage instead of just one. Of course I am talking about the gorgeous linen blend from The Fabric Store that I used to make my Ruby hack dress.


My original idea for the fabric was to make a pair of suzy pants. Unfortunately I didn’t quite have enough which is when the gorgeous Kat stepped in to help me out. Then I was distracted by the idea of making a Ruby dress instead. But finally I have gotten around to making my original idea with a pair of Suzy pants.


These were pretty straight forward after making my first pair of Suzy’s. I made a size 10 again and removed the pockets. I also tapered the legs in slightly from just under the hip finishing with about 3/8″ off the side seams at each ankle. I don’t remember doing this with my first pair but according to my previous blog post I did.

I am super stoked with how these turned out! They look exactly as I had hoped they would and I wore them out the very next day. They were super comfortable and didn’t stretch out like my first pair did with wear. I would like to try a different pattern for these style of pants too just to see what the fit differences are. I have simplicity 1887 in the stash and was thinking maybe a woven version of anima maybe too. Have you made either of these patterns up? Any thoughts?


It feels like summer is just hanging around but my brain is already thinking about winter sewing. I blame the retail stores for having so much winter gear in store already. I’m trying to keep my mind in summer though because I have three more things I want to sew up before winter sewing begins. Fingers crossed I can smash them out in the next few weeks!

What season are you sewing up at the moment? Are you stuck in summer or already dreaming of winter?